Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Starry Pouch for A Friend

I am a terrible post office goer. I made a little pouch for a friend in May and then I stuck it on top of some envelopes to mail later. Fast-forward to February and I sent it! And now that Anne at Play Crafts finally got it, I can share it with you here.

I used my star patchwork piecing tutorial with reds orange and purples. This time I made the background transition from white to black.

I love the way it looks side-by-side:

 I even embroidered her logo on the front and hand quilted around the stars in complementary threads.

Some more photos of the front and back of the pouch.


  1. Gorgeous! Love the colour combinations!

  2. And it's fucking awesome!!! Wait, am I allowed to curse here?
    Seriously, LOVE it. If it'd ever stop raining, I'll get a real photo of it. :)
    I love that it's been done since May. That is how I handle mailing stuff, too. The main reason I'm not doing bees and swaps this year is that I hate dealing with mailing stuff!

    <3 you and my pouch!!