Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mount Tsuru

My cousin Gretchen got married last weekend, and in true form, I made her and her new hubby a quilt. I used Janice's (Better Off Thread) Moda bake shop tutorial called Sunnyside diamond zig-zag. The tutorial is really easy to follow. I highly recommend it.

I christened my version: Mount Tsuru
It is made with a Tsuru fat quarter bundle and some shot cottons for the zigs. The background fabric is sketch. The zig-zags conjure up images of mount Fuji, don't you agree?

It was fun mixing and matching the prints:

The construction starts out the same as a lonestar block and wouldn't these be lovely as a lonestar! I especially love how the footprints make a spiral in the center.

Here is a photo of the basting with one of my favorite basting helpers. This photo caught him mid stretch...

The quilting is an allover meander in the prints with zig-zagging straight line quilting in the background. I love the texture the quilting created.

You can really appreciate the design on the back. Appreciate it!

The back is an Ikea print of what I thought was clouds but after I purchased it, I think it is actually men, which is kinda weird. Still, turned on its side they still look like clouds. I know you can't un-see the men now.

I added a label to the bottom corner with the happy couple's wedding date.

I bound the quilt with the dark blue shot cotton which I think frames the quilt beautifully. I hand stitched down the binding because a special quilt deserves the hand stitching touch.

NAME: Mount Tsuru
SIZE: 58" x 65"
FABRIC: Tsuru by Rashida Coleman Hale, shot cottons, sketch in black
QUILTING: FMQ and straight line by me on my home machine. Aurifil #2000 (the perfect cream color!)

I'm linking up with TGIFF and Crazy Mom Quilts. TGIFF is sponsoring a giveaway for linkups of completely finished projects in October so definitely link up if you finished something this week!


  1. You did such a great job on this quilt. It is simply gorgeous and such a labor of love! I'm glad you liked the tutorial and I always love seeing my patterns in use. Amazing fabric choices and quilting. What a lucky couple!

  2. That quilt looks amazing in Tsuru!

  3. I have a basting helper too ;) I love this quilt, will definitely check the tutorial out!

  4. It totally looks like mountains. And you're right, I can't unsee the men! Great job! Love the sketch for the background. Thanks for linking back to TGIFF! and OctoberQuest 2! Good luck!

  5. Lovely! This layout/these prints really do call to mind mountains and valleys.

  6. Beautiful! I love the combination of straight lines and meanders.

  7. Gorgeous quilt... love everything, the pattern, the colors and the quilting!

    Beautiful piecing, and great fabrics... just a great, successful quilt.

  9. Wow that turned out great. I love the zig zag quilting between.

  10. Soon you'll have to make Tsuru 2 that stays closer to home.
    I can't unsee the men now either.

  11. I totally thought it was clouds too until you said men and now I also can't unsee them... Oh well, the quilt is awesome either way! Congrats on your finish ^_^

  12. I thought you used the men as an awesome design decision until you said they were supposed to be clouds. I like it though. If your cousin does not want this quilt email me and I will give you my address. Thanks!