Saturday, October 26, 2013

Another quilted tote

In addition to the messenger bag bonanza. I made another quilted tote, this time to give to my cousin. She lives in Maine so we rarely get together but I saw her at a wedding a few weeks ago. Incidentally, for those of you keeping track, that means I took up one wedding quilt, 5 messenger bags and this tote in my carry on luggage. I barely had room for my clothes.

Anyway..My cousin is a kickass mom of 3 adorable kids and I knew a big tote would be just the thing for library trips and whatever else comes her way.

Once again I followed She Can Quilt's tutorial for the market shopping bag pattern using the same modifications as last time except I did use bias tape to finish the top as stated in the original pattern. I used Essex yarn dyed linen in flax and paired it with a mini charm pack of the odds and ends fabric line. The handles are canvas and I used a too muchery print for the lining. I failed to take a photo of the inside of the bag or the back so you'll have to trust me that they look flawless.

I did manage to capture a puppy photo shoot:

And best of all my cos loved it! I think she can fit at least 20 library books in there with a little help from her trio.


  1. A good huge sturdy tote is always the best gift for a momma. I love how you chose fabrics that seem a little bit softer and sweeter than your normal style--the mini charm pack looks great with the Essex linen. A pretty finish!

  2. Agreed. Any mom would find countless purposes for this! But are you certain the back is flawless? Cypress looks judgy.