Thursday, October 24, 2013

Get the message?

I love the messenger bag pattern from Zakka Style. I must have used it close to 15 times by now. My mom commissioned 6 more when she visited a few weeks ago. I did a "rush order" on the Ostrich one so she could give it as a belated birthday gift and I made the rest to take home when I went to the wedding last weekend.

I had a lot of fun mixing and matching prints and colors for all the bags. I also enjoyed using different techniques to embellish the front flaps.

Bag #1 - Reds and browns. I used some Flea market fancy and Birds and the bees in this one. I love how versitile and sophisticated it looks. The main body of the bag is a gray duck canvas.


Bag #2 - Purples and oranges. I toned down the bright purple and orange with some green architectures in the inside flap. I used freezer paper applique on the front. The main body of the bag is a gray duck canvas.

Bag #3 - Purple paw print! This one has a raw edge appliqued paw print. The inside is loads of fun with bright colors and some fruits. You can't see it but the outside pockets are lined with snail fabric. I had a lot of fun mixing prints and colors in this one. The main body of the bag is Essex yarn dyed linen in denim.

Bag #4 - Purple Explosison. This one is for my mom. She went through my stash and pulled out ALL my purples. She requested that I use them all and I tried to restrain her but it didn't work. In the end I used a little bit of almost all my purples. I also added some decorative stitching on the front flap. The main body of the bag is Essex yarn dyed linen in black.

Bag #5 - Purple Diamond. This one just might be my favorite. I used some New Leaf and waterfront park. I love how the purples and orange really pop with the main fabric (Essex yarn dyed linen in black). 

Can you tell most of my mom's friends really love purple?? Thanks for being my best client, Mom! Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts and TGIFF which is over at Quilter in the Closet today.


  1. Wow, that's a whole lotta awesome messenger bags goin' on there!! I think I like the one for your mom the best, but it's a tough call, they're all quite special!

  2. Very cool. The circle one gets my #1 vote.

    I like the owls. But. What happened to the frog? Did some sort of disaster befall him?