Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Slow sewing week

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

WIPs in a minute, first a finish: 

Rainbowtastic Tote
I spent most of my time last week finishing this tote. Check out the full blog post on it here. I stare at it adoringly all day at work and parade it around hoping someone will say "wow great tote" or "where did you get that!?" So far no one has said a thing - probably because they are rendered speechless at the sight of it.

I am still workin on testing the Sew Positive pattern for Elizabeth at Don't call me Betsy (pattern for sale soon).  I am making a lap-sized quilt and finished making the large plusses and most of the small ones. 

Oops I forgot to take a picture of all my plusses - but here are two of them next to some other WIPs at the Bham MQG meeting from Saturday. 

I also acted on a compulsion to tame my overflowing scraps and started cutting them into 2.5" sqares. I see a scrap vomit quilt (or 2) in my future.

The Bins. From L-R. Scraps big enough to make 2.5" squares. 2.5" strips. 2.5" squares.

Oh and sneak preview - here is a stack of oranges with a blue Kaffe Fasset shot cotton. This is a soon to be WIP.

Linkin' up with Lee and the gang at Freshly Pieced. I hope you have a lovely Wedneday. It looks like midnight outside at 8am - storms are a'brewin in the 'ham.


  1. I'd comment on this post but I'm rendered speechless by the sight of your tote.

  2. Can't wait to see more of your plus blocks, they look awesome!

  3. I'm boggled as how TINY your scrap bin is. *hides multitude of bins around house*

  4. I tested the same pattern but made a baby quilt :) I can't wait to see your finish!