Friday, July 5, 2013

AYoLF July Goal Setting

A Lovely Year of Finishes

Happy Independent Day for all you US peoples! Unlike some of you I do not have a 4 day weekend but, I am taking a few minutes during my lunch break to write up my post for my July goal. I am going to finish two mini quilts for two coworkers.

One of my coworkers saw my periodic table mini quilt (I think I still need to blog about the finished mini) and wanted one too. So it will be another one just like this:

I am also making a mini for another coworker who lost her mom unexpectedly early this year. 

I know this is technically two projects but they are small. So here we go! Linking up with the other goal setters.


  1. Popping over from a Lovely Year of Finishes. Can't wait to see your completed projects at the end of the month. I'm especially smitten with your periodic table! Very nice.

  2. I showed my husband the scientist your periodic table photo and he was impressed. Now he'll be wanting one too lol. Scientists never get a long weekend! It's always right back at the lab.