Monday, July 22, 2013

No fuss circle applique {A tutoriolito}

Here is any easy way to applique circles without those pesky raw edges. I'm not snubbing the raw edge, but sometimes you just want it neat. It is perfect for circles of all sizes.

A circle of fabric*** 
A square of lightweight fusible interfacing the same size as the circle (single sided is fine)

1. I traced a cookie cutter onto fabric and cut out a circle. Then I cut out a square of interfacing just larger. You could cut out a circle of interfacing the same size as your fabric but that is just more work, no thanks!
***Ooh alternatively you don't need to cut a circle out either - just draw a circle on the wrong side of the fabric and sew along that line in step 3. I bet that would give you an even MORE perfect circle.

2. Align the fabric onto the interfacing right sides together. Ergo, right side of fabric with fusing side of interfacing.

3. Sew ALL the way around with a 1/4" seam - or you best attempt at one.

4. Cut away the interfacing and snip around the curves being careful not to snip through the seam. See this is why you don't need to cut a circle of the interfacing. 

5. Cut a line into the interfacing being careful not to cut the fabric. Turn your circle right side out and wrangle it into submission with your fingers, a pokey tool but do NOT iron:

SERIOUSLY DO NOT IRON. Remember the fusible interfacing is still on the back.

6. Arrange your circles in a pleasing way. The gods will let you know when you have achieved circle placement enlightenment.

7. Now you may iron. Press them onto the new fabrics according to the directions for your particular interfacing.

8. Sew 'em down using your preferred method. I chose a blanket stitch. The fabrics I used were some scraps from Kona Modern Quilts line by Robert Kaufman.

This tute is brought to you by the rain because this is what most of my weekend looked like:

I hope you have a happy week. As always if you try my tutorial I would love to hear about it. Hashtag it with #sewinghungry


  1. This is pretty useful. I am really glad you experienced that .gif this weekend so you were forced to share. Also, I laughed pretty hard when you remind me not to iron the interfacing to the board.

  2. This is awesome and I will definitely end up using this. I love your note about seriously not ironing. :)

  3. She said "Ergo"! In a quilt blog post!
    Totally - TOTALLY - made my day.

    (Were you raised on "post hoc, ergo propter hoc" too?)

  4. Oh, I thought you were telling me not to iron because I might still change my mind about how I want the circles to be on my thing. But Sarah says you mean, "don't iron the thing to the ironing board dummy". (I'm the dummy who needs that instruction.)

    I have needed to know this in the past and did not know it, and made sloppy things. Pinned!