Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Put your Finish-A-Long Q3 Goal Setting Party Pants On

she can quilt

Round three of the 2013 finish-a-long is sure to be a busy one.

1. Quilt for my bed. My bed does not have a homemade quilt on it. So I am using these lovely cotton couture solids to make one.

It will be a non-scrappy, non-paper pieced variation on my string-a-hex block. Looking something like this:

2. Diaper bag for a friend. I have the fabrics pulled and the pattern ready to go.

3. EPP quilt (HA!) This is quickly (slowly?) becoming my oldest WIP ever.

4. quote mini quilt.

5. periodic mini- This is the first one I made. I am making another for a coworker.

6-7. I have started two charity quilts from some novelty scraps leftover from other kids quilts. I am playing with rectangles and negative space on these. I'll get two quilts out of these - boy and girl.

8. Pattern testing a pattern. It's going to be patterntastic and testerific.


  1. Such fun projects. Love the colours you've chosen for your bed quilt - and the pattern is amazing. What a finish that will be. Good luck! :)

  2. Gah. I still love the string hexie. I just can't figure out why my to do list just keeps getting bigger....

  3. Love that stack for your bed... great colours!
    And i hear ya about the EPP WIP... i have one of my own that just doesn't seem to get anywhere! Good luck with your list!

  4. You are also doing letters! I couldn't figure out why my brain kept screaming MAKE LETTER QUILT NOW on Thursday. I think you are at least partly to blame. :) I am really excited to see your bed quilt. Maybe you can manage to motivate me to finish my own oldest-WIP-ever, a bed quilt to replace my holey Pottery Barn bed horror, lol.

  5. Wow, you are relentless in your goal-setting and goal-achieving (are you going to start giving motivational speeches across the country?)

    Not to mention your awesome dictionary-building skills.

    By the way, I keep looking at the stack of solids, and then stringy* hex blocks, and I swear, I cannot see how you did that. It's like magic. (*Hey, can we call this a string theory quilt?)

  6. You certainly do keep yourself busy, Marla! Your first project is the one I would end up spending all my time working on! That stack of solids looks delicious!