Wednesday, August 7, 2013

WIP Wednesday - The last WIP with the plus quilt I promise!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

This week has been all about taking poorly lit nighttime photos. Let's take a look:
The Sew Positive quilt is almost done! (pattern by Elizabeth at Don't call Me Betsy). 

Last night Sarah at Stitching and Bacon and I had basting/quilting instagram party. It wasn't a competition but I totally won. I am trying out a meandering squares quilting design. It is so hard to break the habit of curves but I think it is looking swell.

I am embarking on a scrap vomit quilt a la I'm A Ginger Monkey. I have no idea how many 2.5" squares I have so far but they are filling up this box quickly.

 I also stocked up on some lovelies! Using up scraps means I can buy mores stuff.
Essex linen yarn dyed flax, natural, yarn dyed denim and yarn dyed black.  

Waterfront Park domino dots. Essential stash builders.

Waterfront Park birds. Also essential.

I am also working on a new baby quilt pattern that I hope to show you later this week. Linking up at freshly pieced.


  1. Dang it. I thought I had avoided buying that bundle of domino dots from Beth, and then, BAM. You throw it in my face again. And I threw it in my shopping cart. Shaking my fist!

    If you find yourself running short on the vomitous scraps, I can totally help you out.

  2. Oh yes your Sew Positive quilt is positively wonderful! Love the colors. Like you friend who is testing it out for you.

    1. Thanks - just to clarify it is Elizabeth's pattern (Dont call me Betsy blog) and I am testing it for her :)

  3. I think I just got served. Well, it's on.

    PS - Did you get that South Park reference? Did I just ruin it by pointing out that it was a South Park reference?