Friday, August 16, 2013

My Unfiltered Sewing Space

Jennifer at Ellison Lane Quilts organized a studio spotlight series showcasing the creative spaces of some talented sewists/bloggers. I don't have a dedicated sewing space yet but I have lots of ideas for what I want in the future. For now I just sprawl out all over the house. My supplies are creeping into every nook and cranny of storage space. It is happy clutter.

Where do I sew? At the dining room table. DUH. It's not like I would actually ever eat there.

 I make my chair comfy and happy with my VOLE pillow.

 Where do I press? On the ironing table in the middle of the living room/dining room/probably fire escape route common area.

I recently redid my ironing board cover. To see the atrocious state it was in before click here (totally SFW).

My trusty iron wears his battle scars with pride. But he never scorches or spits.

Where do I cut? On the foldout table. It's not just for beer pong anymore! I took it out "temporarily" when I had a few friends come over for a crafternoon and it just stayed out.

I have two giant cutting mats that are just slightly bigger than the table which gives me a huge surface for cutting.  On top I store some of my notions and fabric that is slated for particular projects or stuff that I just got and want to pet. My TI-89 calculator is always at arms reach so I can do some sophisticated quilt maths. I also store (some of) my scraps under the table.

Sorry I didn't clean it up for you. #honestsewingspace

Where do I store stuff?? Wherever I find space. I store batting, interfacing and stuff I don't use on a daily basis in the guest closet. I took over the left 3 drawers of the banquette next to my "temporary" cutting table. They are stuffed with fabric organized by color.

OK. I might have started to overflow into another drawer but it was a drawer that held all of our hats and gloves for winter and it is summer now. This is acceptable.

I also have the bottom half of this little bookshelf. It stores my smaller cuts of fabric, notions and craft books. I keep some of my favorite knickknacks on top. Most are from El Salvador where my hubby is from.

Washi map of Alabama from a good friend :)

I can't wait until I have my own dedicated space.When I do - you can all make me mini quilts so I can decorate. Thanks for stopping by to see my humble little space. Linking up with Elison Lane Quilts. Go check out all the other sewing spaces!


  1. Girl, you are so organized. I love your space. Your iron has personality too.

    What kind of sewing machine are you using? I'm researching for a new one and can't decide what I want. Of course this will be after I sell a couple of machines I have.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Who eats at there dining room table? The couch is for eating dinner so you can watch episodes of The Wire/It's Always Sunny/30 Rock. Obviously.

    I will totally make you a mini when you get your own sewing space. It is will be ridiculous.

    Vole it all.

  3. It's amazing how fast stuff can spread. Mine is now in almost every room in the house.

  4. Gah, where is my TI 89? That thing was awesome. I bet you didn't use yours for storing chem equations to use during tests. Cause you're wicked smaht

  5. Beautiful sewing space..You have almost the same as mine foldable table for a cutting table!
    Amira @

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your sewing space on the tour with us.

  7. Marla, I love this post. I think your space is functional and if it works for you, whatever.

    It's so easy to get caught up in studio-and-stash envy. Small-space and rental quilting doesn't get much air time or love, really. I need to take some photos of my "space" i.e. the kitchen island I've coopted for my cutting mat and the end of the dining room table that has my machine on it.

    (I'm still totally envious of your folding-table situation, btw.)

  8. That was me last year. I love how you made your house functional. Congrats, I wish I had another mat and make my cutting space bigger :-)

  9. I always tell my husband if he makes me ditch my very room, that I will take over the dining room!!! I always talk my friends into setting up in their dining rooms. Like we EVER use them!!??!?

  10. Great way to make your space work. I have been there not that long ago and now am in the basement. Its dark but my own space most of the time.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. You had me at beer pong haha. Love the diversity that your cutting table pulls off. Pure genius. Loved getting a peek into where you see :)

  12. I read the pillow LOVE until I read your sentence below the picture. I'm betting there's a story there and have every intention of finding when I've finished this note. As for the calculator--those big things scare me! What does one DO with so many buttons other than type a letter? Thanks for inviting us into your space!