Monday, February 11, 2013

Tongue in cheek

Disclaimer: This post is in no way making fun of those who take Valentine's day/holiday crafting seriously. But I just couldn't help myself.

Happy VOLEentine's day!
Volentine's day pillow
 I squarified Tula's LOVE pattern and rearranged the letters. Assorted low volume grays from a swap make up the background. Then my hubs (who is way more talented when it comes to drawing) drew me a vole on paper which I used as a template to cut the brown fabric. I appliqued the vole and then "drew" his features in with some free motion quilt lines.

 And voila a vole. Oh you don't know what a vole looks like? Crazy city folk. Here you go...

Pretty close likeness, don't you agree?

Volentine pillow back
I backed the pillow in some of my favorite prints. Center city (Jay McCarroll) and Parisville for another nod to Tula. Hopefully she won't mind me bastardizing her pattern this way. This is also the first time I used a zipper to finish the pillow. I followed Amy's tutorial for a covered zipper.

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  1. Something tells me Tula wouldn't object to your bastardization...

    It's very clever Marla. Can't say I've seen a vile on a pillow before!

  2. I vole this. Hysterical! I would think Tula would be charmed. You have the best sense of quilt humor.

  3. Ha ha - my dad taught me what voles were. I always liked hamsters, so I think your vole is very volable and cute! Thanks for the good review of my covered zipper pillow backing! Great job!

  4. This is exactly why you are my friend. Amazing as always!

  5. That's quite clever. Cute vole!