Friday, August 4, 2017

The Family Jewels {A Finished Quilt}

My crafty friends and I have a tradition of making a quilt for each other's weddings. It started with Sarah and this time we did it when Jes got married.

I asked for Arkansas Crossroad blocks in jewel tones with white X's. Cassie, Kim and Sarah all pitched in blocks. I made some blocks and finished the quilt. here is a progress shot of the blocks. I was sewing in the early morning before the boys wake up.


Here is the layout. It is so bright and cheery with the contrasting white. I used a red minky fabric for the back to amp up the cuddle factor. 

Sadly I don't have a picture of the finished product and I can't recall how I quilted it. We started in September 2015 and I finished it in time to give it to her for our semi-annual truffle shuffle in December.

Here is a picture of our truffle making efforts. We usually make between 600-700 chocolate truffles with up to 12 different combinations of chocolate, fillings (pretty heavy handed with the booze here) and coatings. I'm hoping we can arrange another shuffle this winter.


  1. Marla, I can't get any of the pictures to load. Are they set to private?

    1. I don't think they are. I will fiddle with it some. Thanks for letting me know. Do you know if it is just this post or all of them?