Friday, July 21, 2017

Word Search {A finished Quilt}

I started writing this post in 2015 and then stopped blogging  for 2 years. So here it is!

Today's post is all about this lovely specimen: 

Ain't she a beaut. This quilt was started July 2014 by Kim and I for our friend, C, who not so subtly asked for a quilt.

Kim came to visit so we took a trip to the local quilt shops to get our fabric. This was right around when the indelible fabric line came out and Kim and I really thought the line was perfect for C. We were going to use one of the purple prints as a focal print and then pull complementary fabrics for the rest but the local quilt shops did not have the purple line in stock. So instead we went with the same palette but pulled fabrics from all over including indelible, cotton and steel, art gallery dots, collage.

We went with some really big hexagons and traingles for a quick and easy finish. But the real gem was the quilting. I did an all over loop-de-loop design and snuck in some colorful words into each hexagon. I wonder if she has found them all by now? Aw damn...

For the back I used the last of my beloved Ikea numbers print and we made a fun design out of the leftover prints from the front.

I'm going to fill in the backlog of posts. I realized I crave a way to journal my quilting. Here's hoping the wait between posts is a little shorter in the future.

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