Monday, March 25, 2013

Middle school poem

Stumbled upon this gem sorting through some old papers. Looks like I've been interested in quilting for a while.
I'm Robert F'in Frost
Also featuring an excerpt from an obligatory emo-teenager poem and a nature poem about snow or winter or something.

Clearly I was searching for a word to rhyme with "hold" but, red, orange, blue and gold? Sounds awful...or maybe not:
Ok, 13 year-old me, how did I do? Should I buy these? Am I crazy. Yes. But, seriously I am not buying fabric right now.

For those curious fabric lovers: 
Red = Hydrangea in Red, Katharines Wheel by Nel Whatmore
Orange = Fishscale in Orange, Gilt Trip by Dear Stella
Blue = Ocean Flower in Blue, Maritime Modern by Marin Sutton
Gold = Anka in Gold, Sardinia by Jessica Gonacha Swift 

All available (except the gold which arrives in May) from Hawthorne threads.

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